JMUST Vol 3 Issue 2

Journal for Medicine, UST

Editor: Dr. Raymond Rosales

ISSN: 2546-1621

Volume 3  Issue 2

For JMUST’s fourth issue, we take a short step laterally and focus on research collaboration for publication. What mileage or benefits are gained from working on research together? This question is answered by an article in this issue: Challenges in Implementing Research.
We invite our readers to JMUST’s six main articles, two case reports, four qualitative studies; one invited review on university research initiative and challenges and three news briefs.

Issues and Challenges in Implementing Research Initiatives at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas

The Health and Allied Science Cluster composed of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, College of Nursing and College of Rehabilitation Sciences had an acceptable accomplishment for research in Academic Year 2016 – 2017 in terms of faculty members involved in research, number of publications, number of research collaborations.

The faculty members are actively involved in researches with medical students, residents and fellows,

There is a large number of researches involving the faculty members in collaboration with the medical students but these researches await translation into publications.

The number of research publications and external grants are within the target set for AY 2018 -2019. However, most of these were obtained by less than 20% of full time faculty members. These results imply that there is still a need to improve the research environment with emphasis on acquisition of research grants and research publication at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

Strategies are being implemented to improve the research productivity of FMS.

Burden of Care of Filipino Children with Epilepsy and its Impact on Quality of Life, Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Caregivers

Caregiver burden and its impact on quality of life is as important as determining the quality of life of children with epilepsy as these factors influence each other as well as the outcome of these children.

The primary objective of the study was to determine the association between caregiver burden and quality of life as well as anxiety and depressive symptoms among caregivers of Filipino children with epilepsy. Also, the study aimed to determine the prevalence rate of caregiver burden, impaired quality of life, anxiety and depressive symptoms in an ambulatory care setting.

Value of Systemic Hormonal Unloading in Pheochromocytoma

Systemic unloading of adrenaline improves blood pressure (BP) but the effect on the quality of life is not emphasized. This report aims to examine the outcome of systemic hormonal unloading through unilateral adrenalectomy in three pheochromocytoma cases.

A prospective, single center study on clinical safety and efficacy of Dinoprostone gel for cervical ripening in pregnant women not in labor

The objective of this study was  to determine the safety of dinoprostone gel and clinical efficacy for cervical ripening among women for labor induction with a Bishop score of less than 9.

The Applicability of an Acute Kidney Injury Risk Index for Patients Undergoing General Surgery in a Tertiary University Setting

Acute kidney injury (AKI) in the perioperative period has serious implications, being with more complicated hospital course with associated cost implications. Identification of risk factors, close monitoring of renal function and early adoption of both preventive measures and treatments remain important considerations for those taking care of perioperative patients who are likely to develop AKI.

Retrospective analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus skin and soft tissue infection among patients admitted at an Academic University Hospital from 2011 to 2015: a five-year review

The emergence of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a challenge in the management of skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs).

The objective is to describe the epidemiology of MRSA SSTIs among admitted patients at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital (USTH).

Lower Limb Amyoplasia in a Filipino Female: A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Amyoplasia is the most common form of arthrogryposis (multiple congenital contracture).  It has an estimated incidence of one in 10,000 live births. Lower limb- Amyoplasia is a specific subtype with an estimated incidence of 1 in 75,000 - 100,000 live births. There are only 85 cases of lower limb Amyoplasia identified in literature, and there are no published cases from the Philippines.  We discuss a rare case of lower limb Amyoplasia in an 11-year-old Filipino female presenting with additional unique features of severe scoliosis (managed with spine correction surgery) and multiple skin dimples in the gluteal area. The study was performed according to the CARE guidelines for case reports.

An Innovative Preparatory Program for Medicine in the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is at the threshold of its 150th Foundation Year come 2021. The ground is shaking beneath our feet and its strong leadership felt that the time is rife for an educational innovation in the medical curriculum. With a shared understanding of the reasons behind the need for change, its committed staff undertook the challenge to implement the LEAPMed (Learning Enhanced Accelerated Program For Medicine) Program, a 2-year and 2 special term preparatory program for Medicine.

Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Nutrition: Dynamic and Innovative

Biochemistry is both life science and a chemical science, since it explores the chemistry of living organisms and the molecular basis for the changes occurring in living cells. Consistent to its definition, the department has been a source of dynamic changes in teaching methods for the The UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery . The Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Nutrition is a yearly subject that aims to provide students with a comprehensive working knowledge of basic Biochemistry including Molecular Biology and Basic Nutrition. This knowledge will help facilitate their understanding of the molecular basis of diseases and subsequently enable them to relate biochemistry to future clinical subjects in the medical curriculum.

The Starfish Story of the UST Hospital Outreach and Indigency Programs Wins Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year Award From Healthcare Asia

In 2016, in celebration of its 70th anniversary, the USTH launched the Hospital Outreach and Patient Education program, and provided free services in the form of free vaccinations, free diagnostic and ancillary tests and patient health screening for indigent patients of the community. Various lay fora providing patient education were also held. With its success and the growing demand for more programs of the same nature, the USTH  management planned out a more comprehensive program that will provide totally free interventions and treatment for patients.