Attitude and Perception Among Emergency Department Healthcare Workers on Organ Donation: A Multicenter Before and After Study


In the Philippines, organ donation is regulated under the Organ Donation Act (RA7170) and promoted by the Department of Health through the Philippine Network for Organ Sharing (PHILNOS). The number of organ donors to meet the increasing demand in the country continues to lag. The emergency department (ED) was identified in several foreign studies to be a significant source of successful organ donation. This action research project investigated the attitude and perception of 125 ED healthcare workers (HCWs) from three hospitals in Metro Manila before and after an awareness event. The study reveals that ED nurses and doctors are generally supportive and hold positive perceptions and attitudes toward organ donation. Despite the positive attitude, HCWs seem to be uncomfortable or unwilling to perform tasks important to organ donation such as approaching relatives and management of the deceased organ donor. Future training on organ donation will increase the positive attitude, confidence and likelihood to participate in organ donation and transplant activities.


Key words: Organ Donation; Attitude and Perception; Emergency Department

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