Platelet-Rich Plasma on Ankle Sprains – Efficacy on Pain Reduction and Shorter Return to Play: A Systematic Review of Available Randomized Control Trials


Background: The role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been widely studied, but only recently did trials emerge that probed into its potential role in ankle sprains. With the limited available literature, most of the trials results showed that it might have a role in faster healing and pain reduction.

Objectives: The purpose of this review is to summarize available studies on ankle sprains in order to identify if there is good initial evidence of its role on return to play (RTP) among active individuals as well as pain reduction. It is also to identify if results were consistent among studies.

Methodology: A systematic search of available literature in online databases was done to compare results about outcome measures on pain score and RTP. Included studies are those with a population of 18 years and above treated with PRP with or without post-procedural immobilization. Outcome scorings that assessed pain as a parameter was also included.

Results: Three randomized controlled trials and two prospective studies were identified. Results showed an average of 8 weeks to RTP (p-value - 0.006) with decreased pain in ankle sprains treated with PRP and functional therapy. 

Limitation: Only one randomized controlled trial (RCT) compared PRP with a placebo and a small population of all studies made available. More comparable RCTs are needed to strengthen results of the studies.

Conclusion: The use of PRP on ankle sprains may have a potential role in shorter time to RTP and pain reduction.

Key words: Ankle Sprains, Lateral Ankle Sprains, Platelet-rich Plasma PRP

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