Recurrent Bifacial Neuropathy in a Case of Steroid Responsive Neurosarcoidosis: A Case Report


Neurosarcoidosis is a rare or misdiagnosed disease that can be masked in a case with fl eeting neurologic defi cits, especially craniopathy. We present a 26-year-old Chinese-Filipino male who presented with recurrent facial neuropathy that was heralded by fl eeting blurring of vision bilaterally. He was apparently responsive to corticosteroids (intravenous and oral methylprednisolone) from initiation to date. During the course, he also noted selective weakness of the right fi nger fl exors. Nodules in the face eventually appeared that led to a biopsy disclosing a noncaseating granuloma. Apart from electrodiagnostic tests, a supportive diagnostic test for sarcoidosis was the presence of lymphadenopathies on his chest noted on Computed Tomography (CT) scan. Cerebrospinal fl uid (CSF) and brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests were not yielding. To our knowledge, this was the fi rst reported Chinese-Filipino case of neurosarcoidosis involving cranial and peripheral nerves.

Keywords: case report, sarcoidosis, neurosarcoidosis, cranial nerve, neuropathy, noncaseating, granulomatous, steroid responsive.

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