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April 2022 : Vol. 6, Issue 1

Pages 813942

We have 13 articles for this current issue, which are as follows: (1) For Clinical Research: two clinical articles, a case report, a meta-analysis, a systematic review and review article; (2) For Clinical Practice: a KAP survey; (3) For Public Health Policy: three action researches; (4) For Educational Management: An interpretive phenomenology and a quantitative research; and (5) Medical Education: An insight article.


December 2021 : Vol. 5, Issue 2

Pages 670812

In this 2021 December issue, we have a total of 15 articles, constituting five clinical studies, two each for Public Health Action Research and Medical Education, and one each for Qualitative Research, Q Methodology Research, Meta-analysis, Case Report, Viewpoint, and Oration. Our cover page depicts the Philippine national hero, Jose P. Rizal, a physician educated at the University of Santo Tomas, a writer, and who on the fateful day of December 30th was executed because of activism. Fast forward, we consider him an inspiration, as we transcend our local boundaries as physician researchers to the global arena.

July 2021 : Vol. 5, Issue 1

Pages 558669

Going on its fifth year of electronic publishing, JMUST has received hundreds of article submissions. Although foreseen, it is unprecedented in the history of USTFMS and UST-Hospital research publications.

For our fifth volume, we have five clinical studies, two case studies, one qualitative research, one action research, one on education and one invited speech, for a total of 11 JMUST articles. 

Cover design by Dr. Dante V. Lerma, MD.


May 2020 : Vol. 4, Issue 2

Pages 477557

For this 2020 May issue, I am most grateful to the editorial team who truly overextended themselves to get this issue out on time considering the difficult demands of their medical work during this pandemic and the necessity of protecting their families during the lockdown. To the authors, thank you for your unwavering energy to respond to our questions and accordingly revisit your articles.

This present JMUST issue included seven original/research articles, a systematic review and a case report. Expanding the journal reach and attuned to current times, we have incorporated tandem special article types.

January 2020 : Vol. 4, Issue 1

Pages 393476

Coronavirus at Manila’s doorstep notwithstanding, JMUST releases our latest issue. We have six research articles, one protocol for systematic review and one news article in this issue of JMUST.


October 2019 : Vol. 3, Issue 2

Pages 318392

For JMUST’s fourth issue, we take a short step laterally and focus on research collaboration for publication. What mileage or benefits are gained from working on research together? This question is answered by an article in this issue: Challenges in Implementing Research.
We invite our readers to JMUST’s six main articles, two case reports, four qualitative studies; one invited review on university research initiative and challenges and three news briefs.

April 2019 : Vol. 3, Issue 1

Pages 245317

In this third issue of JMUST, we have fully implemented our digital authoring platform and by using a dedicated electronic, publicly-accessible platform, we have joined the ranks of many established international scientific and medical journals. 
We welcome all our readers to JMUST’s 10 articles: 5 of them are clinical or observational studies, 2 are case reports, 1 meta-analysis, 1 qualitative research on medical students, 1 on medical education, and this editorial. 


April 2018 : Vol. 2, Issue 1

Pages 120244

In this second issue of JMUST, like the first issue and every issue we will publish, we have peer-reviewed (a JMUST standard) selected articles that demonstrated rigor in research.


August 2017 : Vol. 1, Issue 1

Pages 1119

The maiden issue of the reinvented scholarly publication of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery brings “light” to the generation of promising young Thomasian researchers who again have been blessed with the “voice” to be heard and a “venue” to be read. Rising from the trail blazing record of its predecessor, “The Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine”, this new tool for timely dissemination and assimilation of research-based discoveries shall continue the tradition of excellence in medical education and research our beloved Alma Mater has been long regarded for.